Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year!! 2012

It's 2012! I've just turn 21 these last 3 weeks.
Well, from the amount of post that I've posted and the things that I've posted for this semester was kinda little. Then again, I will try my very best to update as frequent as possible next semester. My last paper for the finals this sem will be on the 19th Jan. Wish I could just fast forward things and go back Melaka soon.
I am soooooo~ home sick.. T^T

So, what have I been doing recently besides my uni stuffs?
I've completed the K-drama "Scent of a Woman" that I've stopped watching after the 5th epi. I know at that moment it was a big mistake to stop watching it... because.. if i stop watching it.. My sister and I would have missed my favourite part of every K-drama ---->

Our very first expression when we saw this in the drama was ---->

Besides completing the drama, for Christmas week which is my study week. I managed to hang out with my bffs and other humans =P

One of it is making cake with Connie! I thought it was lemon cheese cake cause it felt kinda heavy to em.. but to my surprise.. no cheese wor.. LOL! xD

I miss hanging out in Melaka.. ever since I've entered Uni, there's practically so little time to stay in Melaka as there's tons of assignments, report, seminar, project, presentation, quiz and etc.

Thinking bout it, I actually promised to hang out with some people. Hopefully I can fulfil my promises! xD

The only problem right now is my financial crisis~ T^T
I've turned 21 and yet my savings is like mini tiny puny little punya sedikit~ EMO. . .
Haiz.. When I would be able to buy my own car and bring my family to holidays?

A Note To God:
Please Help Me Here! I need some extra money to spend! Thank You!

The most memorable outing during Christmas would be going to Tangkak just to eat "Bak Kut Teh". *the bak kut teh ok ok nia la.. not so nice also..=P

BUT! I prefer their "chi qiao" (translation: Chicken Feet)!
I think it's one of the best chicken feet ever I've ate!
MUST GO TRY! I recommend! xD
and only from this shop nia~

Erm.. Then I post until here lo~ Cause nothing much happening now.. Since it's Exam time.. Everyone was like having

DADADADADA~ The end of this post !
am kinda lazy to write or upload photo..cause there's no mega uploader T^T save the hassle..

Anyway, thanks fr reading! xD

p/s: listening to 柯震東 feat.陳妍希 - 漂流瓶